Our Lives Are on the Line- Community Update

From going to work to getting groceries, from doctor’s appointments to religious worship, our ability to move through our communities determines our quality of life and access to opportunities. Safe, affordable and efficient transportation choices are essential to our freedom, dignity and economic wellbeing. But, for generations, government agencies have created planning processes that do NOT center the voices of our immigrant, refugee, low-wealth and BIPOC communities.

As the Blue Line Extension project moves forward, we need government and institutional leaders to fully recognize that “Our Lives Are On the Line” — our homes and businesses, our places of worship and gathering spaces are the fabric of the communities along the Bottineau Corridor. With the exploration around a new route and development of anti-displacement policies, it is more important than ever that community-based organizations with deep trust and ties to the most directly impacted residents have a strong voice in this process. 

Since 2013, the Blue Line Coalition has been working together to make sure government leaders recognize the Blue Line extension is a racial justice and regional equity issue and that community inclusion and leadership must be central to ALL planning and outcomes. On July 13 we hosted a community update and conversation with BLC leaders to learn about our work, the progress of project and the implications for our communities! 

Download the one-pager for the event here — and watch the recording here!

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