Actualizing Equity 2019: Equitable Transit-Oriented Development

Past exclusionary transportation policies moved people through neighborhoods rather than throughout neighborhoods, destroying rather than building upon the assets of African American and other communities of color. Development surrounding light rail and bus rapid transit can reverse this — if tailored to the needs of people of color, indigenous, immigrant and low-income communities who are disproportionately dependent on public transit.

The Alliance’s May 2019 Actualizing Equity event explored how organizers have mobilized — and are mobilizing — to integrate affordable housing, health, economic development and other equity issues into the visions and implementation of coming transit investments. We heard from Denise Butler, Program Manager for African Career, Education and Resource Inc (BLC member); Nestor Garcia, Community Outreach Director for the Harrison Neighborhood Association (BLC member); and Kenya McKnight, Founder and President of the Black Women’s Wealth Initiative — with facilitation from Avi Viswanathan, Program Director for the Nexus Community Engagement Institute at Nexus Community Partners.

Download the recap resource!

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