BLC Responds to Minneapolis 2040 Draft Comprehensive Plan

The Blue Line Coalition has issued a response to the Minneapolis 2040 Draft Comprehensive Plan.

In part, BLC’s response reads, “The Blue Line Coalition (BLC) supports the Minneapolis 2040 Draft Comprehensive Plan’s stated goals including racial equity, increased affordable housing, living-wage jobs, and a healthy population. These goals are commendable and are critical to our city’s success. However, the policies in the draft plan fall short of the actions needed to reach those goals. Achieving equity and a high quality of life for all residents will not happen by accident and it will not happen through years of simply contemplating action. Bold, action-oriented leadership is needed now.

“BLC calls for the Minneapolis 2040 Comprehensive Plan to be more specific about the actions the city will undertake in pursuit of its goals, as well as how success will be measured.”

BLC’s full response, with specific policy recommendations, is available here.

Community advocates are encouraged to submit their feedback on the draft comprehensive plan at Public comment closes on July 22.

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