BLC Meeting

The BLC participates in a diverse range of activities. BLC members share newsletters; access to coalition website or online tools and resources; connections with other members; and responsibilities in group-decisions.

General meetings serve as a forum where members talk about their organizations’ recent successes and brainstorm together on how to more effectively represent their constituents’ concerns and interests in transit decisions. Areas that member organizations discuss include (but are not limited to) how to gather input from community members balancing multiple jobs/childcare and how to connect non-English speakers living in the corridor with transit decision-making. BLC members bring these insights to the Corridor Management Committee and Community Works Steering Committee (see below). Government staffs from departments like the Bottineau Project Office have been invited to BLC meetings and sought advice from BLC members.

Beyond general meetings, some BLC members lead additional workgroups on topics including: housing; station area planning; economic development; and jobs/career pathways.